Welcome to Jabez Retreat Center
I believe everyone should have a personal mission statement.  For many years ours has been "to serve others to the Glory of God".  God has enlarged our territory and made Marcia and I stewards of some property in N.W. Missouri.  As a result "Jerry's small hunting cabin" has become a 6,000 square foot retreat center. 

The Jabez Retreat Center will exist to provide a facility that will foster the creation of and strengthening of relationships with Jesus Christ.  This will be accomplished through two avenues.  First, it will be a comfortable and safe environment for Christian churches and para church organizations to congregate for meetings and weekend retreats.  Second, it will be a facility that will offer an opportunity for clergy and their families to rest, relax and refresh in their mission and ministry. 

The prayer of Jabez (1 Ch. 4:10) has been the inspiration for the name and mission for the center.  We pray that attendees will find a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ and enlarge their territory. 
   All for Jesus,

Marcia and Jerry Finke